Classic Individual Faux-Mink Eyelash Extensions

Classic Individual Faux-Mink Eyelash Extensions are a beautiful way to enhance what you already have. Also known as the 1:1 technique, a carefully selected extension is attached to one single natural eyelash giving you a flawless mascara-look.



Great for those wanting to ditch the mascara wand and have perfect looking lashes.

Treatment time and prices

Treatment time is 1.5-2 hours.

  • Owner of Salon - £120
  • Master Lash Technician - £100
  • Senior Lash Technician - £80
  • Lash Technician - £60
  • Apprentice Lash Technician (trainees) - £35 (2 hours) - This option may not always be available.

Mini Set of Classic Individual Faux-Mink Eyelash Extensions - aka 'The Taster' set

Classic Mini Set of Individual Faux-Mink Eyelash Extensions (aka “The Taster” set) was introduced for those who were slightly apprehensive about the eyelash extension process. We use one third-one half of the amount of extensions used in a Full Set allowing people to catch a small glimpse of what a complete set would look like and also how they are applied.

Treatment time is 30-45 minutes.

  • All Technicians - £45

Aftercare advice and treatment

The above lash extension treatments can be worn indefinitely, and as long as the correct aftercare is followed will normally last 4-6 weeks. We do, however, recommend that you have your eyelash extensions infilled every 2-3 weeks to keep them looking fresh and so that your lash technician can remove any that may have grown out and replace any that have come off due to the body’s natural shedding cycle.

Classic Individual Faux-Mink Eyelash Extensions Infills (Owner/Master/Senior/LashTechnician)

  • Within 1 Week (Max 30 mins) - £45/£35/£25/£15
  • Within 2 Weeks (Max 45 mins) - £60/£50/£40/£30
  • Within 3 Weeks (Max 1 hour) - £75/£65/£55/£45
  • Within 4 Weeks (Max 1 hour 15 mins) - £90/£80/£70/NA

Please note: These times are based on the average weekly amount of extension loss. If you feel that you have shed more extensions than usual it is advised to book extra time to get you back up to 100% coverage.

*We do not infill other salons work*


  • If we did not apply them - £15-£20
  • If we did apply them - £10
  • If we applied them and you are getting another extension treatment on the same day - Free

For more information about this treatment, or details on the other techniques that we offer, don’t hesitate to contact us.