Love Those Brows

Our signature brow treatment uses a combination of techniques to achieve the most suitable and attractive brow for each individual's face. Unlike Billion Dollar Brows, Love Those Brows DOES include threading allowing your technician to create perfect lines along the upper eyebrow. The result? Head-turning brows in just 30 minutes!


How does it work?

Time is taken to discuss what look you hope to achieve and then your experienced technician will use the straight lines of the thread to mark specific points around the eyebrow area, including where the brow should start, where it should end, and if desired, where the brow's natural arch will sit. Using a combination of waxing, threading, tweezing, tinting (colours range from very light-brown to black), trimming, and blending you will leave the salon with some serious "brow-mance"

Treatment time is 30-45 minutes

Love Those Brows with Brow Artist - £28

Love Those Brows with Master Brow Artist - £35